I want to share good news –  I’ve recently completed a training program in Berkeley, San Francisco and have partnered with Courageous Leadership, LLC, a consulting firm based the US.

I believe their evidence-based programs could be a wonderful fit for your organisation to support your business objectives of enhancing ethical standards, maintaining integrity and transparency, establishing cultures of candour and employee engagement in order to best serve all stakeholders.

Courageous Leadership’s programs help organisations maintain and/or increase responsible and ethically courageous conduct, while improving critical and creative thinking in complex, ambiguous, and changing environments.

Past Courageous Leadership clients include Google, MIT Sloan School of Business, Stanford University Rock Center for Corporate Governance, Kaiser Permanente, Columbia Hospital, Young Presidents Organization, the Omidyar Network, the Toigo Foundation, Post Carbon Institute, and Australian Capital Territory Government.

I’m excited to partner with Courageous Leadership in working with leaders and interdisciplinary teams to solve difficult business problems under pressure. Courageous Leadership combines seminal and cutting-edge social science with Social Fitness Training™, an evidence-based service that builds the awareness, skills, and social support to consistently take responsible, wise, and collaborative action. They also help leaders ensure that their organisational structures support positive individual and team performance.

Our joint programs and services help teams build leadership credibility and cultures of candour, trust, and engagement to reduce risk, enhance collaboration, and drive performance.

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