Policy and Legislation

  • Know your employer rights
  • Know your employee rights
  • Does jurisdiction matter?
  • How to navigate the ambiguity of Protected Disclosure Legislation
  • Case Studies
  • The Whistleblower Champions’ Oversight
  • The FCA and EU Directive Training and Development Requirement

Process and Procedure

  • Best practice for employers
  • Best practice for employees
  • What does retaliation look like and how do we mitigate it?
  • Keeping the Process Alive: Awareness and Communication
  • Building and Branding your Internal Whistleblowing Process
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of your internal Whistleblowing Process

Behavioural Insights

  • Employee Efficacy
  • Understanding the Red Zone
  • The Leverages and Barriers to Speaking-Listening Up
  • Register here¬†to listen to Wendy, and other experts, discuss Creating a Speak Up and Listening Up Culture in Financial Services, hosted by: Jonathan Davidson, FCA Executive Director of Supervision for Retail and Authorisations

Formal Whistleblowing does not signal an ‘Open Culture’.¬† Informal Courageous Conversations do.

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