Stanford University

Have you ever found yourself……..

So upset with someone that you find yourself talking to your imaginary adversary in the mirror, wishing you could summon the courage to tell them face to face how you feel?

Biting your tongue, afraid you’ll spew everything that’s been bottled up inside for months because you don’t know how to construct and deliver the message?

Walking on eggshells around difficult people wondering what might set them off today?

Never quite saying what you really want to say about an issue or an idea?

So exasperated trying to communicate effectively that you’re burnt out and on the verge of quitting your work, your relationship, your friendship?

You’re not alone

Asking for a raise.  Ending a relationship.  Pitching for business.  Giving a critical performance review.  Saying no to someone in need.  Confronting disrespectful or hurtful behaviour.  Disagreeing with the majority in a group.  Apologising. Asking for help.

Anytime we feel vulnerable or our self-image is implicated, when the issues at stake are important and the outcome uncertain, when we care deeply about what is being discussed or about the people with whom we are discussing it, there is potential for us to experience the conversation as difficult.

That’s because conversations are about what you are saying to yourself about you. Anytime a conversation feels difficult, it is in part precisely because it is about You, with a capital Y. That’s why we often avoid engaging in conversations because we fear how the conversation could make us feel about ourselves.

The Courageous Conversation Module will empower you with the tools to navigate to the core of the issue and design, deliver and succeed with implemental approaches.

The Courageous Conversations one to one offering is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural module which has been developed by Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo and Lynne Henderson, Ph.D., over the course of 25 years at The Shyness Clinic, founded at Stanford University by Professor Zimbardo, and is based on over 50 years of psychological research, with key insights from neuroscience.

Your coach, Wendy Addison, studied the Social psychology and Neuroscience of Decision making at Stanford University and completed the program Social Fitness™, a course developed over twenty-five years at Stanford by Professor Emeritus Philip Zimbardo and Dr Lynne Henderson Ph.D. Wendy is an associate member of Professor Zimbardo’s Heroic Imagination Project

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Here’s what you’ll learn in each step of the module:

  • Identifying the challenging Situation/s
  • The “What Happened” Conversation – Your stories, their stories and disentangling Impact from Intent
  • The Feelings Conversation – What should I do about my emotions?
  • Your Needs and Values underscoring your Feelings
  • Identifying Negative Internal Dialogues 
  • The Identity Conversation – what is at stake for you about you?
  • Mind Traps
  • Challenging Assumptions, Perceptions, Intentions
  • Creating Self Supportive Statements
  • Setting Behavioural Goals
  • Learning the language of Courageous Conversations
  • Preparing for a   R A R E   T R I P                                                          
  • Conducting Role Play/s               
Stop dreading conversations by learning to prioritise and engage in Courageous Conversations instead of letting them rent space in your mind and heart.

Timeframe of each module                       One hour

Price of each module                                  £100.00 per hour


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