What do the most innovative and profitable companies have in common?

They empower and support transparent and open dialogue

Transparency is particularly difficult for traditional leaders. They often believe they can ‘manage the truth’ through PR, communications specialists, or timed release of information. Today this typically fails, and people immediately see the deception. New research shows that among Millenials, transparency from leadership rates as among the most important drivers of company loyalty.

SpeakOut SpeakUp shapes, builds and trains for cultures of courageous conversations that transform businesses, markets and society.

We tailor our engagements to meet your needs.

And have an expansive arsenal of tools to tackle your challenges.

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It’s getting harder to avoid risk. Let alone manage it.

Increasing disruptive technologies, offshore investments, uncertainty and regulation, managing the truth…

Companies come to us when they recognise that their biggest risk is when employees won’t talk about bad behaviour. And they need help in capitalising on cultures of candour and courageous conversations.

  • How do we identify, interrupt and change individual, group and organisational patterns?
  • Why are we spending money on putting out fires instead of preventing fires?
  • How do we realise our duty to candour?
  • How can we learn to ask the right questions to do the right thing?
  • How do we create an environment where problems are identified in their nascent stage?
  • Why is it so difficult to listen and act on critical feedback?

Solving these challenges takes experience and foresight.

It requires the ability to see broadly across trends and deeply into human behaviour.

Our experience is broad