People don’t buy products and services

They buy experiences based on reputation and trust

And companies that create ethically courageous and adaptive individuals and teams that can deliver maximum positive experiences – not just functional ones – are rewarded with increased trust, candour, loyalty, courage, competitive advantage and ultimately more profit. In fact, companies who engage in cultures of openness have significant growth in revenue, employment, stock price and net income.

Source *Corporate Culture and Performance

Average increase for twelve firms with performance-enhancing cultures Average increase for twenty firms without performance-enhancing cultures
Revenue growth 682 % 166 %
Employment growth 282 % 36 %
Stock price growth 901 % 74 %
Net income growth 756 % 1 %

The currency of courageous conversations is data, not power or tenure

Elevating the conversation to the company’s core values keeps the dialogue out of the weeds

Be urgent about knowing something before doing something

Asking questions and receiving feedback supports innovation and transparency

Influencing decisions and behaviour

Pulling different behavioural levers influences our decisions and behaviour

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